Tiap-tiap ari pun update pasal vitamin, kebaikan vitamin.... so ari ni...
I want to share with U... about Shaklee CEO - ROGER BARNETT
(aduh... speking pulop... heee.......)

Mulo-mulo ambik product Shaklee dulu takdo terlintehpn nak tau pasal sapo la CEO Shaklee ni...
Korang la... kalau guno product contoh eh... Tupperware ado ko terlinteh kek kepalo nak tahu sapo CEO dio?????? Kalau ado tu... memang bagus boto lah...

Ok dari den melalut yang bukan-bukan ni den nak kongsi pasal ROGER BARNETT & macamno dio boleh jadi CEO Shaklee ni...

Sedio.... 1,2.....3.....

"..For years, the Barnett family lived like most Americans. Then, in 2004, they got an unexpected wake-up call that changed the way they clean their home and treat the environment.

Sloan and Roger say they began to notice their son Spencer’s health problems when he was just 3 years old. At first, Sloan says her son coughed continuously. One day his heart was racing, so she rushed him to the emergency room.

“I don’t think we knew whether we were going to lose him or not,” Roger says. “They told us that he had a respiratory issue. They thought he might be developing asthma.”

Sloan says she began researching chemicals that can irritate the lungs and found them in a startling location…inside her home. According to a physician, some household products—like bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, floor cleaners and oven cleaners—contain toxic chemicals that can trigger an asthma attack.

As soon as the Barnetts learned that cleaning products can be hazardous to their health, Sloan says they cleaned out their cabinets and made their home a place where everyone could breathe easier.

After throwing out common household cleaners, Roger discovered the Shaklee Corporation, a company that had been producing natural cleaning products for 50 years.

Sloan and Roger began using these eco-friendly cleaners inside their house. “We thought they worked terrifically,” Roger says. “The great news is that Spencer has never had to go back to the hospital since we switched our products and that really speaks it all for us.”

The Barnetts liked the products so much, they bought the company! Now, Sloan says she tries to live in a way that’s responsible to the health of her children and to the health of the planet.children and to the health of the planet



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